Click on the title for a brief taste of some of Marc's published stories. Most of these stories can be found in anthologies available in both print and e-book formats. 

Scarecrow's Apprentice from Pill Hill Press' Dark Things: A Horror Anthology

 The Grinning Man from Pill Hill Press' Dark Things III: A Horror Anthology

  Ride into the Sunset from Pill Hill Press' Dark Things IV: A Horror Anthology

  Berserker from Post Mortem Press' Uncanny Allegories

Expecting from Pill Hill Press' Dark Things V: A Horror Anthology

The Job from Post Mortem Press' A Means to an End

Godspore from Pill Hill Press' Leather, Denim, & Silver: Legends of the Monster Hunter

Last Voyage of the London Fog from Wicked East Press' Cutlass and Musket: Tales of Piratical Skullduggery

Synthetic Messiah from Blood Bound Books' Rock and Roll is Dead: Dark Tales Inspired by Music

Best Served Cold from UnEarthed Press' Anthology of Ichor III: Gears of Damnation

Autonomous Invasive Defense Strategy from Pill Hill Press' Told You So

Loverman from Post Mortem Press' Mon Coeur Mort: My Dead Heart

Jack & Jack: Over a Pint from Pill Hill Press' Big Book of New Short Horror

Ghost Ship from Pill Hill Press' Halloween Frights, Volume 1. 

Under Pressure from Norgus Press' Look What I Found

Wonderful from Norgus Press' Yuletide Tales of Horror

A Wedding in Scarlet from Wicked East Press' Under the Stairs

Outside the Cabin from Wicked East Press' Behind Locked Doors

Annihilator from Wicked East Press' Wicked Bag of Suspense Tales