Last Voyage of the London Fog

            The sun was deep, brilliant red and hung just over the horizon.  Merrick had seen the sun that way before and knew that the sky only looked so amazing when it was near.  He had numerous theories as to why the sun would appear an unnatural shade whenever the creature was around, but he had, as of yet, been unable to prove or disprove any of them. 

            Merrick sat at the front of his vessel, his long, brown hair tied back by a small piece of twine.  His eyes were brown, but only his pupils were visible as he squinted against the freakish sun.  He had a thin build, but something about his face was hard and implied a power that was physical as well as mental. 

            He would see the creature today; he was sure of it.  It may have been the odd look of the sky or the tingle in the pit of his stomach, but he thought he could sense the mass of it swimming through the sea that churned all around him. 

            His first mate, Wilson, approached him from behind.  “Sir, we are making excellent progress.  It seems that the storm clouds we were trying to outrun have dissipated.”

            He turned to face Wilson.  The first mate was a large man, tall and muscular, but he had the spirit of a follower. 

            Merrick looked up.  The wind was strong and steady.  The sails bulged like bellies pregnant with gusts of air.  Indeed, they were making good progress, although not headed for any particular destination. 

            He turned back to face the ocean.  Wilson remained behind him, waiting for some sort of response.  “Very well,” was all he said, and Wilson walked away. 

            Merrick followed the thump of Wilson’s heavy boots against the wood of the deck, waited for it to grow faint before reaching beneath his stool and pulling out a thick book bound in worn, brown leather.  He opened it and flipped past a few pages until he found his original notes on the creature, written just after his first encounter with it. There were estimations of its measurements (Approximately twenty-five meters in length, ten meters thick at the head) and a short physical description (Almost whale-like in appearance.  Grayish skin on top, lightening to near white at the bottom.  Teeth are large and sharp, similar to those of the genus carcharodon.  A single protrusion comes from a hard growth on the head of the beast.  Both this “horn” and the lump at its base appear to be made of metal.  Further research is needed to verify this).