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"Librarian Maddie and the Theft of the Lost Epic." Storlylandia, Issue 42, Summer 2022. 

"The Arimaspea was a lost epic, known only from two brief excerpts found in later works and a reference by Herodotus. Just enough about it was known for classicists and scholars to know what they were missing."

"Kayla and the Gaborchend." Stupefying Stories. Edited by Bruce Bethke. Rampant Loon Media. 

"Daddy held up a silver whistle on a long chord of tanned leather. It swung below his hand, back and forth from left to right, and her blue eyes followed. She looked at it as if it were a holy relic, for she knew that it must be important for her Daddy to choose that moment to give it to her."

"A Walk in the Woods." Dark Nature. Edited by Eleanor Merry. Macabre Ladies Publishing. 

"He’d lived his life from one white blaze to the next for song long, he couldn’t even keep track of exactly how long it’d had been."