The Life and Times of Aedan Halloway 
The World's Greatest Ecumenical Hunter

The Ecumenicals are everywhere. They are the secret behind every religion, the kernal of truth behind all beliefs. They are dedicated to protecting the world from evil. Their warriors are called hunters, and Aedan Halloway is the best of them. 

Timeline of the Life of Aedan Halloway

April 17, Year 0 ---------- Aedan Halloway is born.

Year 16 ---------- Aedan's first hunt. 

Late May Year 34 ---------- "Alpha"

Early June Year 34 ---------- "Monsters of the Northwoods"

Early August Year 34 ----------"Coven"

Late August Year 34 ---------- "The Demon and the Manuscript"

September Year 34 ---------- "Beast"

Early November Year 34 ---------- "From the Deep"

Late November - Early December Year 34 ---------- "Witch's Ransom" 

January Year 34 ---------- "The Grey Man"

February Year 34 ---------- "Grimoire" 

May Year 35 ---------- "Rogue"

August Year 35 ---------- "Auction" 

October Year 35 ---------- "The Demon from the Manuscript"

December Year 35 ---------- "Labyrinth"