Published Works 2019

"Wonderful." A Tree Lighting in Deathlehem. Edited Michael J. Evans and Harrison Graves. Grinning Skull Press.

How would the world be different if you'd never been born?

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"Evidence." The Monsters that We Forgot. Soteira Press. Edited by Gabriel Grobler and R.C. Bowman. 

“'This place is unquestionably weird; it’s just up for debate exactly how weird it actually gets. Abandoned army tunnels and mafia body-dumping ground is plenty, but ghosts…Satanism…UFOs?' He stopped and turned to face the camera. He smiled. 'All we’re missing is a trail of Sasquatch footprints and we’d have all bases covered.'”

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"Date Night." Aphotic Realm: Strange and Sinister Fiction Magazine, Halloween Issue. October-November 2019.

"She’d given him strict instructions—her eyes fake-serious, her black lipsticked mouth pouting between words: he was to meet her at midnight, exactly midnight; he was to go through the back gate to the cemetery, the one that led into the older part of the graveyard, and to head left, to where the very oldest headstones stood, weathered and caked with dark deposits, their names and dates and inscriptions all but illegible."

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"Red Leaves." Re-Haunt. Edited by Kelly A. Harmon & Vonnie Winslow Crist. Pole to Pole Publishing.

"'Red Leaves' is a painting with a history, a piece that's been followed by tragedy. It's beauty consumes anyone that possesses it."

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