Published Works 2017

"Locked Room." All the Petty Myths. Edited by M.H. Norris. 18th Wall Productions.

"Writing any story is difficult, but it takes a certain type of mind, somehow criminal and scientific and mathematical and artistic, to write a mystery story."

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"Ghost Ship." Hydrophobia. Stitched Smile Publications. 

“Do you realize how much money we’re making tonight? Dumbass tourists are paying over double the usual rate for a booze cruise into the Bermuda Triangle on Halloween night.”

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"Like Clockwork." The Unleashed: Monsters Vs. Zombies, Volume II. Stitched Smile Publications. 

"The old man had eyes like Coleridge’s ancient mariner. They were haunted, intense, the eyes of a man with a high fever, the eyes of a man who has seen strange or terrible wonders."

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"Split." Strangely Funny 4. Edited by Sarah E. Glenn. Mystery and Horror LLC. 

 A werewolf with multiple personalities and his werewolf hunter roommate bring some girls back to their apartment. 

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"The Harvest Festival." Entombed in Verse: An Epitaph for Salem. Edited by Amber Newberry. Funded Publications. 

"When he wakes, the scarecrow grins

Standing at the dark edge of the farm"

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