Published Work 2015

"Grace." The Deep Dark Woods. Compiled by Christina Escamilla. Christina Escamilla Publishing. 

"He’d eaten an entire pumpkin pie the Thanksgiving before. He had eaten one by himself on every Thanksgiving for almost ten years. He had traditions, built after his mother had eaten and chain-smoked herself to death. They were the traditions of isolation, of loneliness."

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"Gemeriah/Ezekial: The Truce." Superhero Monster Hunter: The Good Fight. Edited by Thom Brannan & Miles Boothe. Emby Press. 

"Watching it, even at that vast distance, they could feel that thing from another universe. It radiated malice. Its purple light was sick and cold and somehow syrupy. In Gemeriah’s projections it had glowed, but really seeing it, the stuff oozed out of that tear and dripped from those black tentacles like gore." - A story set in the Komodo Comics Universe.

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"The Curious Case of Robert Dayton." Triple Weird: Three Shots of Pulp Horror. Edited by John Daysh. Spanking Pulp Press.

" To live without fear of death, Robert…that is to be truly alive. That is to experience things that most others are too afraid to chance.”

Also featuring tales by James A. Newman and David Phillips.

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