Published Work 2014

"Beyond." Welcome to the Future. Compiled by Christina Escamilla. Christina Escamilla Publishing. 

"There was a large observation window over the bed. I looked through it at a bluish sun. I had never gotten used to the sight of a new sun. I’ve seen them in shades of blue and red, seen pictures of others that were white and even a dusky brown, and they all looked wrong somehow. I’ve bounced from planet to planet, across galaxies, but no sun had ever looked right except the yellow orb in the sky over Earth." - A tale from The Book of James

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"Headache." Demonic Visions: 50 Horror Tales, Book 5. Edited by Rob Smales. 

"It had begun as the faint sensation of pressure, of something within her that didn’t belong, taking up room where there was none to spare. Now—distinct and undeniable—there was a sensation of movement."

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"The Trouble with Decorations." Strangely Funny II. Edited by Sarah E. Glenn. Mystery and Horror LLC. 

"He reached in and pulled out a small doll. It was an elf carved of small pieces of wood. Its body was covered with green and red cloth. An oversized grin was painted on its face, and its eyes were glossy black and too big for the face."

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"Silhouette." Demonic Visions: 50 Horror Tales, Book 4. Edited by Chris Robertson. 

"The shades are down; the TV is off. The green glow of the digital display on his alarm clock dusts the edges of the objects in the room. The darkness is all but complete."

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"Law of the Bullet." Monster Hunter: Blood Trails. Edited by Miles Boothe. Emby Press

"The only law here is the bullet. The only god here is me."

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"Botanical Entry in a Naturalist's Journal." Demonic Visions 3. Edited by Chris Robertson. 

"Today…today I saw a thing that makes me question the natural order, something that makes me question the very providence of a creator that would populate His world with such…abominations." 

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"Creative Process." Pavor Nocturnus Dark Fiction Anthology. Edited by Geoffrey K. Liu.

"Only then, when they were alone in the haven where they spent most of their free time, did Will say it. 'I want to make a ghost.'

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"Godspore" & "Alpha." Monster Hunter Legends: Both Barrels. Edited by Miles Boothe. Emby Press.

In "Godspore" a small band of prehistoric hunters set off to battle an incredible evil. "Alpha" introduces Aedan Halloway, the world's greatest Ecumenical hunter. 

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