Published Work 2013

"Night Terrors." Demonic Visions 2: More Horror Tales. Edited by Chris Robertson. 

Strange things come out at night. They whisper in the dark, and all Danny can do is hide and wait for the light of morning. 

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Aurora. Spanking Pulp Press.

                  David Hunter understands intelligence in a way no one else can grasp. He has created life…only to see it caged. His life is his work, and his work is Aurora.

         Ethan Alexander had been a military man, but now he’s involved in something even bigger. He’s seen the ultimate weapon…seen it ruined by its creators. His life is his work, and his work is war.

         Dr. Sophia Grace is as intelligent as she is beautiful. She has dedicated herself to studying the intricacies of the human mind…but now she’s been hired to work with something else entirely. Her life is her work, and her work is unlocking secrets.

         Aurora is a mystery even to her creator. She cannot be duplicated nor can she be controlled. Aurora’s life has not yet truly begun, but it is about to.

         There are strange things in the sky over Groom Lake: black triangles and hovering disks and rockets that fly faster than any craft known to exist. There are stranger things, things hidden even from the workers at Groom Lake. There is Aurora…the ultimate secret.

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 "The Suicide of Iara Teegan." Bourbon Penn Issue 8. 

Iara Teegan had always considered herself a poet. When she decided to kill herself, she knew her death needed to be poetic.

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"Red Leaves." Pavor Nocturnus Dark Fiction Anthology. Edited by Geoffrey K. Liu.

"'Red Leaves' is a painting with a history, a piece that's been followed by tragedy. It's beauty consumes anyone that possesses it."

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"The Ballad of Bailey Blonde." No Monsters Allowed. Edited by Alex Davis. Dog Horn Publishing.

Songs about pain and loss and death. A soundtrack to despair.

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"Crossroad Blues." Demonic Visions: 50 Horror Tales. Edited by Chris Robertson. 

A song about the dark deals made at the crossroads. A tune about old debts and the things that come to collect.

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"The Demon and the Manuscript." Use Enough Gun: Legends of the Monster Hunter III. Edited by Miles Boothe. Emby Press.

Aedan Halloway hunts a demon on the twilight streets of Chelsea.

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"Blank Pages." Hunting Ghosts: Thrilling Tales of Paranormal Investigation. Edited by Michael Kleen and Buck Weiss. Black Oak Media.

A jaded investigator meets a man who claims to know the sinister truth.

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