3/11/23 - The kindle edition of  Shacklebound Books' Dark Stars: Sci-Fi Horror Drabbles anthology, featuring Marc's story "Blight," is now available for pre-order.

2/24/23 - Unsettling Reads' Still of Winter anthology, featuring Marc's story "Trails in the Snow", is now available in digital and paperback editions. Head to the Published Works page for more information. 

2/6/23 - Marc's drabble "Cryptobiosis" has been published on Head to the Published Work page for more information. 

11/27/22 - Shacklebound Book's Short Horror Stories anthology, featuring Marc's story "Old Jasper," is now available. Head to the Published Works page for more information. 

9/27/22 - Marc's story "Trails in the Snow" has been accepted for Unsettling Reads' Still of Winter anthology, while his Drabble "Blight" has been accepted for Shacklebound Books' Dark Stars anthology. Head to the Coming Soon page for more information. 

9/6/22 - Marc's poems "A Final Toast" and "Another Annabel Lee" will appear in The Raven's Quoth Press' anthology of Edgar Allen Poe inspired poetry, Evermore 3. Go to the Coming Soon page for more information. 

Welcome to

I've always loved to read, and I realized at a young age that I'd like to be the guy who wrote the stories too. The vast majority of my writing falls somewhere in the horror genre. Some of it fits neatly into that category, while some stories venture so far into other territory it becomes a stretch to call them horror at all - hence my self-proclaimed title of Author of Speculative Fiction rather than of horror. 

If you read any of my stories, I hope that you're entertained. I don't seek to change your life or to examine some harsh reality of human existence. I don't expect you to be enlightened by any of the tales I tell. Instead, I'd like you to have some fun. Often enough, I hope you're a little scared, though sometimes I'll try to thrill you with adventure or (rarely, very rarely) work in something a little romantic. 

If you're here looking for some sort of literary mirror that will show you things about your own life, then I'm sorry to say you'll probably want to look elsewhere. If, on the other hand you're looking for a good story, a good time, then (I hope) you've come to the right place.